Carbide Bearings Sleeves

Carbide Bearings Sleeves
Carbide Bearings Sleeves
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Product Description

Carbide Bearings Sleeves works:

Carbide bearingssleeves after use and it is in contact with the surface to wear bush,protection and its contact surface wear to a certain extent, be replaced.Carbide bearings sleeves using a wear-resistant material in contact with thesurface friction bush is generally a soft material, the friction when there isa certain avoidance and wear bush wear-reducing materials, reducing the shaftand bore wear, is a sliding bearing. Sleeves can be replaced several times,extend the life of the body.

select carbidebearings sleeves there are several issues to consider:

1, the contactmaterial properties include: surface roughness, hardness, material itselfProperties
2, bush workenvironment: load, temperature, velocity, etc. sleeves wear and otherrequirements of life are relative, not only depend on the bush itself, butdepends on the material properties and bushing contact, even the best bushmaterial if it is in contact with the material and hardness is low, the surfaceis very rough, very easy to wear out, and the other is generally used forlow-bush, after all, is sliding friction, unless carrying very small, the speedis too high will produce a lot of heat, and no one too much.

Superiority ofcarbide bearings sleeves(OD/6~450, ID/8~400, H/2~225) :

1. Used for water pump, oil pump andother pumps, especially used for high pressure or corrosion resistance pumps.

2. Good wear resistance

3. Keeping operation precision, prolongthe lifetime of rolling axletree.

4. Good materials, perfect performance,high machining accuracy.

5. Various types and grades, suppliedas required.

Material: Tungsten Carbide

Feature: - Excellent abrasion and wearresistance

- Excellent corrosion resistance

- High thermal conductivity

- Low coefficient of thermal expansionand friction

- High hardness

- High quality





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