Tungsten Dart Billets

Tungsten Dart Billets

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Tungsten Dart Billets are basically rods that are widely used for making dart barrels. Tungsten has a specific gravity of 19.3(20 ℃ ), hence it is very dense. Apart from this, tungsten has some special properties that make it the best option for making darts replacing brass. Tungsten Dart Billets are basically tungsten cylinder rods after surface grinding by center-less processing. The advantage of using tungsten in the dart billets is that you can achieve the same weight as a thick brass barrel with highly slim design. Tungsten Dart Billet is exceptionally reasonable for excellent demand for making carbide billets to be deployed in high and medium weight DTH Penetrating. As its special working execution, tungsten carbide catch bits are generally connected to oil recorded boring and snow evacuation, snow furrow machines or types of gear. Tungsten Dart Billets is generally connected in geographical prospecting, coal mining and oil well exhausting. As of late, tungsten carbide has developed as a better option than steel in numerous mechanical applications. 


  • Less deflection
  • Designed with great knurling patterns
  • Provide confident grip with less potential for slipping