Tungsten Contact

Tungsten Contact

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As Tungsten is considered to be the one of the most preferred material because of its high boiling and melting points and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. This is being the reason, we offer contact tips made of tungsten to switch duties that demands faster switching sequence like horns for trucks and cars. When it comes to making high quality industrial components, none can beat the Tungsten material. In order to produce better contacts, we adopt powder extruding and sintering methods that possess minimum rate of resistance and higher density. Moreover, these contacts show high resistivity against welding by rendering uniform inner arc erosion.


  • Purity W1≥99.95%
  • Specific gravity ≥19.1g/cm3~19.3 g/cm3
  • Crystal grain number ≥ 10,000PCS/mm2
  • Hardness  ≥ 71-74HRA
  • Size allowable tolerance d.h±0.05mm (It can produce the goods according to the client's specific drawings.)
  • Seat nail material is low carbon steel whose carbon content is equal to or less than 0.10%.
  • The copper purity of copper welding material is equal to or larger than 99.95%.
  • Welding point strength ≥ 83MPa
  • It strictly produces the goods according to P.R. China Mechanical Industry Standard.