Tungsten Carbide Buttons

Tungsten Carbide Buttons

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Tungsten Carbide Buttons are the main part for roller bit, also the main factor for drilling rate. When the working of roller bit, it is the normal problem that tungsten carbide buttons’ broken. Therefore, we need improve on buttons for enhancing the break rock rate and extending the buttons life.

For reach the purpose, we can improve material and structure. When the buttons are working, it is complex load conditions between buttons and the bottom of well; the tungsten carbide buttons are working with roller to cut rock, the face is continuing change between the face of buttons and rock, the load conditions also follow change, so the load force distribute the top face and cutting face of buttons.

We can provide standard and non-standard tungsten carbide buttons for mining, the product with material uniformity, high hardness, transverse rupture strength, wear-resistance and anti-erode; widely used in oil drilling, mining, rock drilling tools etc.