Tungsten Alloy Shielded Syringes

Tungsten Alloy Shielded Syringes

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These Tungsten Alloy Shielded Syringes are widely used as crucial parts in the medical equipments. These are high in demand for brachytherapy and positron emission tomography. In addition, these Tungsten Alloy Shielded Syringes are also used in nuclear medical radiation shielding to shield against X- rays and gamma radiation. These syringes also protect patients from the harmful radiation. These Tungsten Alloy Shielded Syringes give optimum protection and is easily replaced. Tungsten Alloy Shielded Syringes are notable for its tough superiorities, and for discovering additions of long time serive life, tungsten carbide indexable supplements wind up one of the for the most part mainstream embeds among clients. Tungsten carbide is more costly per unit than other run of the mill instrument materials, and Tungsten Alloy Shielded Syringes are weaker, making them vulnerable to chipping and breaking. To balance these issues, the carbide cutting tip itself is regularly as a little embeds for a bigger tipped device whose shank is made of another material, as rule carbon apparatus steel. 


  • Fully exposed needle hub
  • Can visually check for correct venous insertion prior to injection
  • Easy to use